a new beginning

Well, here we are. T-minus 7 days until I leave for Japan. An auspicious day for the launch of jet-7.net, don't you think?

Preparations haven't really come too far at all. Many of the people headed out with me have already entrenched them selves in suitcases and packing. Not I, not I. Hard to believe the departure is already so close at hand. Hard to believe that in just 1 week I'll be getting on a plane again, and headed 8 hours time difference away again. It's true, it's 8 hours in the opposite direction, and this go around I'll be getting paid. I also have freedoms like car driving, internet access at my home and pizza at my fingertips.

It should be an interesting transition.

Well, in any case. You may have noticed that nothing works yet. That's right, this is a half-hearted launch. I've every intention to develop this site into quite a bit more, and a lot of the code I've written in the back end will make the whole process a lot easier. I just have to do it. Trust me though, getting this Blogger template out was a huge step in the right direction.

As for what to expect, I imagine it'll be a lot like lostinbenin was. Lots of me telling you what it's like in MY world and pictures. I have a few ideas to expand the site, but for the moment they're secret.

Oh, and surely there are a few people confused about the significance of jet-7. Jet-7 is actually a pun... in French. 7, while pronounced 'seven' in English is 'sept' in French. JET Sept... jet set. So the proper way to read the URL would be 'jet sept dot net'. Don't worry, I won't get mad if you say 'jet dash seven dot net'.

Oh, I should mention over on the right the first link is Ethan. He was in Benin with me and is going to JET as well. He's promised to critique, mock and comment on things I say here. So, if you're looking for a different take on things, check out Ethan's blog.