I've been here about 6 weeks now. It feels like so much longer.

I don't mean that in a bad way of course, but rather in that getting life figured out in a new country sort of way. Things are coming together.

When I left Japan, I left well - but I left late. That meant things started fast. Most of the new teachers here had arrived weeks prior, and had been going through new teacher orientation for more than a week when I had arrived. I came in fresh and ready on a Monday morning from Kuala Lumpur, or at least so I thought!

I knew things would be hectic, but I didn't imagine that they'd be quite like this. I've definitely got a full plate here, between teaching and managing things on the IT end. It's definitely been very stressful at times, and I've had some very long days. The theme of the past 6 weeks though has really been God's provision.

Things have always come about just in the right time, or just in the right way. When I arrived on that Monday, I didn't have any of the stress of looking for a house or even figuring out much of life. Thanks to Mindy, I stepped into a situation fully set up for me. The first few days I commuted to school on her e-bike, (sort of an electric bike, but beefier and more scooter like) but it wasn't but a 3 days until I'd gotten my own set of two wheels. I've got a blue Honda Wave. It's just a small bike, but it gets me around.(and in and out of hectic Phnom Penh traffic)

My house is nice. I live on a quiet, but active street. There are lots of kids playing, families and the like. But I'm elevated (up on the 3rd floor) so I'm well above most noise. I'm really close to Mao Tse Tung Blvd, which is a straight shot up to the school. But I'm far enough away that none of the noise of traffic ever bothers me. I'm REALLY close to one of the nicest malls here, complete with a KFC, espresso, pizza (two for one on tuesdays!) and a large foreign goods grocery store.

Whew, yeah. So life here. Life at school has been the largest part of course. I love my students, the staff here and what I'm doing. Sometimes I get grumpy, but I only need look around to see how blessed I am. Life at school is spent running from class to class fixing things, or freezing my butt off in our server room (also my office) doing administrative stuff. Nothing too exciting, but it's challenging and fun. School does have school lunch here, and it's SO DELICIOUS! It seriously beats the pants off of Japanese school lunch.

On the subject of food, eating has been a fairly balanced mixed of expensive foreign food and food from the street. Often for breakfast I'll get pork and rice from the lady that sells at my corner for 75 cents, or I'll get fried noodles from a street cart on the way to school, or I can also hit up the Bayon Bakery for a donut, croissant, or strange hot-dog/pork floss/pastry dough combination. Lunch, as I've said, is at school. Dinner can be anything from a burger combo at Lucky Burger, to pizza, to Khmer food at the food court at the mall (only a tad more than buying on the street amazingly enough), or eating at the Russian Market near Mindy's house. Mindy and I are still figuring out a good balance of food options, but I think we're doing pretty well.

The food here is totally awesome. I really, really, really enjoy it. So much is so delicious. In other places I've constricted by the local cuisine, but here things just keep getting more and more delicious!!

Sorry, this is a bit hodge-podge and not organized. But I am alive, well and enjoying life. I'm still working on getting work-life and life-life balanced with all the things that I'd like to accomplish, but it's happening.

I can't promise daily updates, fascinating cultural insights, or anything at all really. But I do care about documenting what's going on around me, so I will be better about updating from now on.

Hello Internet world. I'm back.